ART WITH MATI AND DADA – Learning meets creativity and imagination

Available for Europe (Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe, German speaking countries)


Welcome to the wonderful world of Mati and Dada, where learning meets creativity and imagination. Seven-year-old Mati, a cheerful young girl with a zesty passion for art, is magically transported into the lives of great artists by her eccentric sidekick, Dada.
Together, these two friends go on exciting adventures, solving little mysteries and getting caught up in bumbling confusions, en route to learning about art from the masters.

Adventuring into the lives and artworks of great artists is filled with intrigues and tons of fun:

  • – Getting lost inside a Jackson Pollock masterpiece
  • – Taking a ride on a Leonardo da Vinci helicopter design.
  • – Helping Vincent Van Gogh get a runaway cloud back into his painting.

With the unpredictable and often silly Dada always at her side, Mati knows that even the simplest situation can get way, way out of hand!


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Format 39 x 7 min.
Phase of Development Completed
Style 2D
Animation Gender Boys and girls
Target Demographic 4 – 8
Country of Origin Italy
Launch Year 2013
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer Achtoons srl – RAI Fiction
Languages English version available!