GUARDIANS EVOLUTION – Adventures of a group of idealistic teens

Available for Europe (Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe, German speaking countries)


Guardians Evolution is a high-concept, stop-motion, animated show targeted at boys aged 6-9. It offers high-octane action; sharp, witty characters; just the right amount of comedy; and a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic genre, with its ingrained themes of humanism and environmentalism. A cautionary tale, Guardians Evolution depicts the adventures of a group of idealistic teens, as they strive to rebuild civilization and usher in a new era of Enlightenment.


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Format 23 x 22 min.
Phase of Development Season I completed, season II in production (completed fall 2017)
Style Animation, stop-motion
Animation Gender Boys
Target Demographic 6 – 9
Country of Origin Canada
Launch Year 2016, 2017
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer Guardians Productions Inc.
Languages English version available!