MONSTER MOTEL – with amazing success now 6th season ready produced

Available for Europe (Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe, German speaking countries)


In the village of Bouillon, a strange crew runs an old motel built near a thermal spring with mysterious properties. The team is made up of repulsive monsters, a crazy old man, and Magalie, a clumsy yet clever 15 year-old teen. Together, they must overcome many obstacles to keep the motel open because the survival of the monster species depends on it. Living together isn’t always easy but Magalie and the monsters learn to adapt to each other, become friends despite their differences and, together, face the scary challenges of pre-teen life !

PRIX GÉMEAUX 2016 AWARD – “Best First Role: Youth” (Anie Richer)


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Format 128 x 24 min.
Phase of Development Completed
Genre Life action
Target Demographic 9 – 14
Country of Origin Canada
Launch Year 2011-2016
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer Slalom
Languages French version and English subtitles available!