Available for German speaking Europe, Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe (excluding Poland).


Fluffy Marky is the story of a young “bum”, who wakes up transformed overnight into a puppet, thereby losing his status, his popularity and his bearings, turning from bully to bullied.
Marky, head of the “Death Trio”, a band that terrorizes the kids at school, was unknowingly poisoned by the largest nerd of the school, Jerome, Marky’s favourite victim for years, making him the new victim. Following the ingestion of the poison, Marky transforms into a puppet, which will cause a complete change in his life, for he tumbles from the top of the pyramid of adolescent hierarchy.

PRIX GÉMEAUX 2016 AWARDS – “Best Series or Original Series produced for Digital Media: Youth” and “Best Interpretation for a Series or Original Series produced for Digital Media: Youth” (Etienne Galloy).


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Format 16 x 7 min.
Phase of Development Completed
Genre Life action
Target Demographic 9 – 14
Country of Origin Canada
Launch Year 2015-2016
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer Blachfilms
Languages French version and English subtitles available!