Salmigondis – Incredible adventure of toys that were abandoned, forgotten or rejected

Available for Europe (Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe, German speaking countries)


This is the story of a group of toys that were abandoned and forgotten and who, on a dark and stormy night, in extraordinary and mysterious circumstances, became … human. And delightful, hilarious humans at that! These former toys have created a new world for themselves – a wonderful, parallel universe called Salmigondis.

Meet our newly human friends: the beautiful ballerina, who’s a bit of diva, and imagines she’s a princess in a fairy tale; an over-eager rescuer; a rock and roll witch; a clumsy, adorable cowboy; a friendly monster; a video game superhero and her robot sidekick; and a kind of grumpy pirate and his faithful side-kick, Matey.

Life can be lots of fun in their new ragtag world, but it’s not always easy. Thankfully, in Salmigondis, laughter saves the day, every time!

33rd Prix Gémeaux 2018 – 5 nominations for season 3:
• Best Youth Fiction Show or Series: 12 years old and under
• Best Youth Achievement: Fiction
• Best Male Lead Role: Youth
• Best Female Lead Role: Youth
• Best Female Support Role: Youth


Format 195 x 24 min.
Phase of Development completed
Style live action
Target Demographic 3-8 years
Country of Origin Canada
Launch Year 2016-2017
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer Téléfiction, Canada
Languages French