Lucy has recently moved with her parents into a very old house in Seeberg. It once belonged to a famous astronomer. One night she discovers in the attic a mysterious star chart with an inscription. After she read aloud the magic words on this paper, three bulky MOFFELS plop down through the roof’s trapdoor: Leopold, Panini and Bruno.

The chubby half-fairies come from a far away star and they will stay with Lucy for 33 1/4 moons. And the best thing is THE MOFFELS are commissioned to fulfill Lucy ONE wish every night. From now on Lucy can’t wait until her mom says good night. Together with THE MOFFELS she discovers the wonderful world of nightly adventures.

THE MOFFELS is a coproduction of DIGITRICK Potsdam and RBB Germany. It launched in 2012 at KIKA’s premium bedtime slot “Sandmaennchen” with skyrocketing audience rates. The new season is premiering beginning of 2019 on KIKA, rbb, mdr, ndr in Germany.

The charismatic characters of the series combined with superior animation make THE MOFFELS a preschool series that will last.


Format 39 x 5 min. and 7 song episodes x 5 min.
Phase of Development Completed
Style 3D animation with painted elements
Animation Gender Neutral
Genre Preschool
Target Demographic 3 – 6
Country of Origin Germany
Launch Year 2012, 2015, 2018
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer DIGITRICK/TFG TOONFILM, Germany in coproduction with RBB Germany
Director Sabrina Wanie of DIGITRICK/TFG ToonFilms GmbH Potsdam
Languages GERMAN with English subtitles