Rule his kingdom??? The Little King has more important things to do than that! Like building snowanimals which always melt, giving names to all the flowers in the castle gardens – a kingly chaos or tossing pancakes which stick to the ceiling.

On all his adventures, the Little King is accompanied by the storyteller who gives him good advice and his animal friends are always there when he needs them: Gertie, his favourite horse, Woofie the dog, Tiger the cat, Bushy the squirrel and Pieps the bird.

From time to time the Little Princess pays a visit to her cousin, the Little King. She is quite headstrong but in the end the Little King shares his toys and jellybabies with her.

Together with his friends, the Little King makes believe he is someone else: a pirate, Santa Claus, a knight, a cat, a photographer and many more. Although his own ideas sometime astound him, he still sets out on new adventures and never gives up until he finds the right solution.

According to the logic of a five year old, the stories of the Little King are very plausible. His adventures are full of playful curiosity.

The Wall is Calling:

Format 65 episodes x 5 min., 7 Specials x 5-15 min.
Phase of Development Completed
Style 2-D
Animation Gender Neutral
Genre Preschool
Target Demographic 3 – 6
Country of Origin Germany
Launch Year 1997 / 2013 / 2018
Available in 4:3 / 16:9 HD
Producer Imediat GbR, Andreas & Hedwig Munck, Berlin
Director Andreas & Hedwig Munck, Berlin
Languages German, English seasons (26 ep.)