WhyFly – entertaining and educational

Available for German speaking territories


Parents constantly hear a huge amount of «why’s» from their children, but they can’t always answer these questions in an accessible, fun and entertaining way. But WhyFly can!
Why is there a rainbow? Why is water wet and can it put out a fire? Why is the sea blue, although its water is transparent? Why is the wheel round, and why should we brush our teeth?
This educational, kind and funny series will tell the children about how the world works. Children love WhyFly! Why?
An inquisitive and cute fly named WhyFly and her mother constantly find themselve in amazing situations. WhyFly has a huge number of questions, her mother patiently explains the essence of things, the meaning of words, the nature of different phenomena.

Fascinating plots and bright colors, dynamic music and funny songs! Authors of the project consult with child psychologist.


Format 50 x 3.5-4 min.
Phase of Development 1st season of 50 ep. completed
Style 2D
Animation Gender Boys and girls
Target Demographic 3-7 years old
Country of Origin Ukraine
Launch Year 2018-2019
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer Kvartal 95
Languages Ukrainian, Russian, English (3 ep. for promotion)