Mimmit MusicSmarty


Can learning new things be amusing and easy? Yes! A new TV series, Mimmit MusicSmarty, combines animation, live action, music and learning in a fun way. Mimmit is a super engaging and rewarded children’s brand full of music and edutainment. The MusicSmarty series inspires children aged 5 – 10 to get excited about mathematics and social skills as well as science and history. The audience can join in to explore and help solve tricky questions posed by the MusicSmarty characters. The catchy songs make sure everyone becomes a skillful MUSICSMARTY!

MusicSmarty concept includes:
TV series, CD, application for consumers and digital learning material for schools/kindergarten and live concerts (duo, band, symphony orchestra).


Format 20 x 22 min.
Phase of Development in post-production
Style Live action with 2D animation
Target Demographic 5-10 years old
Country of Origin Finland
Launch Year 2020
Available in 16:9 HD
Producer Mimmit Music Oy, Finland
Director Samuli Sainio, Heli Sainio
Languages Finnish, format available in English