The springs used to live in a mattress wandering in space and were thrown on Earth during the Big Bouiing. In their own way, according to their personality and interests, they discovered the world on which they bounced. In each one of the vignettes, we see them dwelling on an object, a place, a situation or people, but always in a unique and different way. The stories are short, funny and without words. The Bouiing little characters are both adorable and unpleasing. With them, according to their interests and personality, children are invited to discover the world in many ways. They will will dwell on new or known things and situations, but always with the pleasure to see how our little springs explore. We count on the sound and music to emphasize our characters’ actions and movements so that their personality shows through sound as well.

Format100 x 1 min. or 11 x 7 min.
Phase of Developmentcompleted
Target Demographic3-8 years
Country of OriginCanada
Launch Year2014
Available in16:9 HD
ProducerProduction Mille Sabords Inc, Canada
LanguagesNon-dialogue – No dubbing needed!