Welcome to Toc Toc Toc – a seemingly quiet little village tucked away in the mountains that, when you look a bit closer, isn’t so quiet after all! 

Meet Youi, Alia, Kao and Zalaé, your new best friends and guides to adventure. Climb aboard their rocket ship ‘Magli’ and be transported to wild and wonderful places. Walk through mysterious, magical doors that open into a world of your own imagination. Join your new friends and the Toc Toc Toc villagers as they sing, dance, and invent fun, new games. And don’t forget about Sneeky, the little yellow animated mouse who always lives up to his name.

Learning was never this much fun before!

Format520 x 24 min.
Phase of Developmentcompleted
Stylelive action with animated mouse
Animation genderneutral
Target group3-8 years
country of originCanada
Production years2007-2014
Available inseasons 1-4 in 4:3 full screen SD, seasons 5-8 in16:9 SD
ProducerTéléfiction, Canada
LanguagesFrench, 2 ep. with English subtitles