Available for Europe (Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe, German speaking countries)


Can there ever be fun at the North Pole? What if there can be? Yes, Fun Run takes fun right up to the North Pole and even beyond that. An idiosyncratic polar bear (BEO) and a quirky penguin (PENO). They are friends, who never ever get along with each other. One moment, they can be seen on a frozen pond, adorably sharing their food and before you go “awwww”, they could be throwing themselves on each other fighting for the tastier portion.

The BEO is twice the size of the PENO. He is sweet, yet extremely short tempered. Believes in muscle power and could do anything to get what he wants. The PENO on the other hand, is a thinker. He comes up with quirky ideas to get away from glitches set by the BEO.

Fun Run will witness the everyday lives of the BEO and the PENO with a lot of brawls, pranks, chaos, cuddles and love. Basically fun!

Format39 x 7 min.
Phase of DevelopmentCompleted
Animation GenderBoys and girls
Target Demographic4- 12 years old
Country of OriginIndia
Launch Year2017-2018
Available in16:9 HD
Producer: Animantz
LanguagesNo dialogue!!!


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