Polpetta and Friends – A wood, an alien and many friends

Available for Europe (Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe, German speaking countries)


One day, not long ago, something out-of-this-world happened. From a planet in another galaxy far away, a sweet, friendly little alien named Polpetta crash-landed on Earth. It seems our spacey friend forgot to fill up his spaceship with gas. Whoops!

What’s a little alien to do when he’s stranded alone on an unknown planet? Make friends with the animals of the forest, of course! Every day, while looking for fuel for his spaceship, Polpetta meets new creatures, has loads of adventures, and learns tons of new things about the forest and its adorable inhabitants.

Oh, Polpetta. Will you ever make it home?

FormatS1: 13 x 5 min., S2: 13 x 5 min., S3: 13 x 5′ min., S04: 13 x 5 min.
Phase of Developmentcompleted
Animation GenderBoys and girls
Target Demographic2-7 years
Country of OriginItaly
Launch Year2017-2021
Available in16:9 HD
Producer Grugnostudios Animation
LanguagesEnglish, Italian


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