MY BOSS IS A BEAR – Hilarious sitcom

Available for Europe (Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE Central and Eastern Europe, German speaking countries)


A hilarious sitcom about four young adults who work in a campground where the Boss is an agoraphobic bear. This is really great news for “the Boss” and his campground staff: Dave (the wildlife and forest guy), Murphy (the ladies’ man), Melanie (the wisecracking city girl) and Eric (the self-absorbed, deceitful poet-accountant) who must work together to protect their workplace against a wild variety of perils ranging from the downright silly to the supernatural. Whether it is a group of stingy hippies who refuse to pay their bill or an infestation of soul-snatching will-o’-the-wisps, problems always arise or danger is always lurking at the Campground. Add to that the ludicrous demands the Boss (a bear who never comes out of his office) keeps making, the dismal state of the accounts (no one has been paid for months!), and life as a Campground employee is no walk in the park!

Format26x 30 min.
Phase of DevelopmentCompleted
Target Demographic9 – 14
Country of OriginCanada
Launch Year2015
Available in16:9 HD


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